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There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.
~Leonard Cohen

Artist in Residence

Patti brings her Artist in Residence weekend to congregations and communities alike, pulling the curtain on the myth that addiction and alcoholism can’t happen to a Cantor. Her Sermon in Song, “The Spirituality of Recovery”, is presented on Shabbat evening in partnership with the Clergy from the host community. Shabbat morning marries our Torah portion of the week and it’s themes with her essay “God’s Perfect Child” in the acclaimed anthology, SHADES OF BLUE, which focuses on issues of mental health, addiction, alcoholism, self-esteem, and recovery.

Sunday morning is spent with Patti participating on a panel for adults/parents with other respected members of the Mental Health community regarding issues of their child’s mental health and the issues which challenge kids today, ranging from bullying, self-esteem, finding their voice and dealing with social media and peer pressure. On Sunday afternoon, Patti works with the teens and their Youth Group Advisor/Educator talking with them about her double life as an alcoholic/addict and Cantor. There is an anonymous Q&A, as the teens ask Patti questions they write on cards. No topic is off limits. Patti’s intention is to provide the message that the Clergy and congregation are a safe place for them to go if they need support in any way. It is a brutally honest exchange in which trust is paramount, solution is the goal, and most importantly, there is no shame in being human.

Cantor & Spiritual Conduit

Holiness is in every moment. The spiritual gifts that Patti brings to every life cycle celebration is filled with sensitivity, tradition and loving. Whether officiating at a wedding, burying a loved one or bringing a new child into the world, it is a continual humbling experience for Patti as she is witness to life’s most precious moments.

Bravery Instigator

Inherit Your Brave™ is at heart of what instigating Bravery is all about. Being “enough” is paramount to Patti’s spiritual awakening. In 1996, Patti was in an automobile accident resulting in severe back and neck injuries. Soon after, she underwent surgery for a hernia — and her doctor accidentally cut a nerve in her leg. Following was over 3 decades of descent into painkillers and alcohol in an effort to mask her physical and emotional pain. Add to that an overdose at her garage sale, where her children had to call 911, and an operation went horribly wrong in 2009, and you have the perfect storm. Patti believes these were God’s Interventions. She shares her experience, strength and hopes to those who have yet to find their voice in dealing with the ways life can be challenging and filled with fear.

Patti is certified as a Mental Health First Aid ™graduate and values her work with those dealing with the emotional issues we cannot see.

Through it all, Patti has tremendous gratitude for each of these events, for she believes that the only way out is through. We are given the keys that unlock the doors to the next room. It is our choice as to whether we want to enter.


Hi. I am Patti

My Story

We plan, God laughs, then carries us to where we are in this moment….

An almost fatal car crash in 1996…An opioid overdose at her garage sale in 2005…A minor abdominal procedure went horribly wrong in 2009…God’s Interventions changed Patti’s life forever, the last ending with her early retirement from a temple where she had been for 24 1/2 years, prompting her to ask the very frightening question:

If I am not a Cantor, then who am I?.

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