Altar Ego Created by Patti Linsky
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In 2009, Patti Linsky went in for a customary outpatient medical procedure, but something went very wrong. Within two days, a second operation was needed to save her life. Weeks following the second operation, Patti discovered she lost her abdominal strength, a necessary component to support her voice. Her 24-year career as a Cantor had come to an abrupt end. Self-medicating from her addiction to painkillers and alcohol almost destroyed her and the lives of her family, as did her depression and anxiety. Two years of rest and recuperation forced Patti to re-evaluate her life –

“If I am not a Cantor, then who am I?”

This is one of the many backdrops for Patti Linsky’s one-woman show, Altar EGO.™ “Altar EGO™ was born from a strong desire to get to a place in life where I could fully embrace and forgive myself, knowing that there is healing, recognizing that I am enough.”

Altar EGO™, created with Bob Garrett, traces Patti’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation through over 40 years of addiction, alcoholism and God’s Interventions in a poignant journey, with her signature wit, humor, and zest for life.

This one-woman powerhouse of a show, Altar EGO™, is a memoir in stories and songs that Patti shares like a hidden treasure, told through the lens of a woman who went through several near-death experiences and came out on the other side, transformed. Her mission now is to share her remarkable story with others so that they may begin to walk a path to their own authenticity, finding their hidden voices, devoid of shame and humiliation.

In addition to performing Altar EGO™, Patti remains active in the Los Angeles Jewish community and nationally, as a freelance Cantor officiating at services, life-cycle events, performing in concerts and recording in the studio.

Patti is a proud member of the American Conference of Cantors, the Union for Reform Judaism and a graduate of the University of Miami School of Music.

Hi. I am Patti

My Story

We plan, God laughs, then carries us to where we are in this moment….

An almost fatal car crash in 1996…An opioid overdose at her garage sale in 2005…A minor abdominal procedure went horribly wrong in 2009…God’s Interventions changed Patti’s life forever, the last ending with her early retirement from a temple where she had been for 24 1/2 years, prompting her to ask the very frightening question:

If I am not a Cantor, then who am I?.

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