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Altar EGO™ Performance

 ~December 11-15 (Altar Ego December 14th) URJ Biennial ~ Chicago, Illinois

~ November 1-3 Congregation Albert

~ Albuquerque, New Mexico (postponed until 2020)

~ April 27-29 Boca Raton Promise


Artist in Residence

~February 7-9, Sponsored by Sisterhood of Congregation Or Chadash, Tucson, Arizona

Altar EGO™ Performance

~March 29 Temple Akiba Culver City, California

Hi. I am Patti

My Story

We plan, God laughs, then carries us to where we are in this moment….

An almost fatal car crash in 1996…An opioid overdose at her garage sale in 2005…A minor abdominal procedure went horribly wrong in 2009…God’s Interventions changed Patti’s life forever, the last ending with her early retirement from a temple where she had been for 24 1/2 years, prompting her to ask the very frightening question:

If I am not a Cantor, then who am I?.

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